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Frequently Asked Questions

Generic Questions

Is there parking at the Wellbeing Centre?

There is ample parking directly in front of the building, with easy access straight to the front door!

Does the practice have Disabled access?

The main treatment room we use is on the first floor of the building which is accessed via a short flight of stairs. While there is a sturdy hand rail this room is not accessible for a wheelchair user. There is however an alternative room on the ground floor which we can use for patients who cannot use stairs. If you would like to discuss the accessibility and the possibility of using an alternative room, please call us. In some instances it may be more suitable to provide treatment via home visit.

How long does the appointment last?

The first consultation for Osteopathy or Naturopathy usually takes 45 minutes to one hour. Follow up appointments are 45 minutes for Naturopathy and 30-40 minutes for Osteopathy.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments you need depends on how acute the presentation is, how long it has been there and what your objectives are for the treatment. Each treatment programme is tailored to fit the individual and is discussed between the practitioner and the patient to achieve specific results.

Do I need a referral from my GP?

Anyone can seek osteopathic or naturopathic care without a referral from a medical physician. However, a GP referral is often required if you are planning to use Health Insurance to pay for the treatments. Please speak with your health insurance provider to find out what their policy is regarding GP referral.

Can I pay for my treatment using private health insurance?

There are several healthcare companies which we are providers for. If you wish to use this method of payment, please discuss this with the practitioner before commencing treatment.

Osteopathy Questions

Will I need to undress?

Examination and treatment requires visual assessment as well as palpation (a highly developed sense of touch), and as such it is often useful for you to move or remove a top or trousers.

You will never be asked to undress fully and you are welcome to wear comfortable loose fitting clothes which can be moved easily

Will the treatment be painful?

Most people who have Osteopathic treatment feel more comfortable afterwards, however occasionally treatment can cause a short term increase in pain or discomfort, which may last for 24-48 hours. If this occurs and you feel concerned, it is important that you speak to the practitioner to seek advice.

When this happens it is often helpful to rest or apply ice, but your osteopath will be best placed to advise you.

What training has a registered Osteopath undertaken?

Osteopaths in the UK study a degree programme for 4-5 years, which includes anatomy, physiology, pathology, nutrition and biomechanics and supervised clinical training. Once qualified Osteopaths must be registered with the profession’s regulatory body, the General Osteopathic Council, and continue their professional development with monitored ongoing learning. They must also hold insurance and an enhanced DBS certificate.

Home visits

There are some situations where a home visit is preferable. This option requires additional time and consideration and planning on behalf of the practitioner which may be reflected in an additional fee. If you would like to discuss this option, please phone to speak with the practice.

Privacy Policy

The Mulberry Osteopathy privacy policy is available here:

Privacy Policy – Mulberry Osteopathy

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